PT Paid 인턴십 Internship for Korean-Beauty Startup in SF

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PT Paid 인턴십 Internship for Korean-Beauty Startup in SF

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Hello Jewels,

We are looking for someone who can support us with our social media/ marketing initiatives. It's a definite plus if you have photography and editing/graphic design background. We would love someone who is passionate about the beauty industry and understands the trends pretty well- the rising of clean beauty + health + wellness.

If interested, please send us your resume and along with your instagram/ portfolio you want to share with us. This will be a great opportunity for someone who wants to learn about the beauty industry and want experience in a start-up environment. We will start conducting interviews starting April 2020.

Ideal candidate would be:

HS or College Students who wants internship opportunity

Who has extensive knowledge in marketing/social media

Photography and editing/ graphic design experience or knowledge

Serious candidates ONLY.


소셜미디아/마케팅 등 관리할 Intern을 모집합니다. K-Beauty 관심있고, Skin-fulness 에 관심있으시면, 아래로 연락주세요.

*자기소개,이력서, 소셜미디어/ portfolio

To learn more about our company:

Instagram: Skin_fulness

Thank you,

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마감일 : 구인중
회사명 : Skin-fulness
지역/위치 : San Francisco
포지션 : social media/ marketing intern
전화번호 :
이메일 :



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