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Samsung SDI accelerating all-solid-state battery development [TheKoreaHerald]
Samsung SDI announced on May 25th that it would develop large all-solid-state battery cells and prototype all-solid-state battery cells by 2025 and initiate mass production in 2027. The company also said that it is second only to Toyota when it comes to the number of international patents related to all-solid-state battery technology. Japan currently accounts for 68% of such international patents, followed by the US (16%) and South Korea (12%). Samsung SDI has developed all-solid-state batteries since 2008 in collaboration with Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Samsung R&D Institute Japan, etc.  
Competitive Intelligence
Microsoft announced a wide range of initiatives, new launches and improvements to its product lineup at its ‘Build 2021’ developer conference [VentureBeat, Engadget, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, VentureBeat, VentureBeat, VentureBeat]
•   CEO Satya Nadella said that the company is working on a version of Windows it plans to detail sometime in the near future. He added that Microsoft will soon share one of the most significant updates to Windows of the past decade to unlock greater economic opportunity for developers and creators
•   Announced PyTorch Enterprise, a new Azure service that provides developers with additional support when using PyTorch on Azure. Originally developed by Facebook, PyTorch is a Python-centric open-source ML framework with a focus on computer vision and natural language processing. Enterprise support will be available for PyTorch version 1.8.1 and up on Windows 10 and a number of popular Linux distributions
•   Unveiled Azure Communication Services, which leverages the same network powering Microsoft Teams to enable developers to add multimodal messaging to apps and websites while tapping into services like Azure Cognitive Services for translation, sentiment analysis, and more. The company previewed upgrades and enhancements heading to Azure Communication Services, including call recording, a UI library, and an SDK for native apps that run on Windows
•   Launched a number of new features, tools and services for developers who want to integrate their services with Teams. Released enhanced Microsoft Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. Launched a new Developer Portal for Microsoft Teams that makes it easier for developers to register and configure their apps from a single tool. Other new features includes ways for developers to build real-time multi-user experiences like whiteboards and project boards and a new meeting event API to build meeting-related workflows for when a meeting starts and ends
•   Announced a new set of Azure services (in preview) that businesses can now run on virtually any CNCF-conformant Kubernetes cluster with the help of its Azure Arc multi-cloud service. The new services include Azure App Service for building and managing web apps and APIs, Azure Functions for event-driven programming, Azure Logic Apps for building automated workflows, Azure Event Grid for event routing and Azure API Management for managing internal and external APIs
•   Revealed new additions and improvements to its family of AI services available in Microsoft Azure. The company is folding a segment of its Azure AI services under a new brand, Azure Applied AI Services, which encompasses Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Form Recognizer, and Azure Immersive Reader, in addition to newer offerings like Azure Bot Service, Azure Metrics Advisor, and Azure Video Analyzer. These services build on the cognitive APIs from Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Machine Learning, supporting the development of AI technologies by providing task-specific AI and business logic
•   Unveiled a new research initiative designed to “discover, improve, and amplify” developer work and well-being. Called Developer Velocity Lab (DVL), the initiative will conduct “socio-technical investigations” spanning productivity, community, and general well-being. The lab aims to look at new ways to measure and enhance developer productivity; highlight how developers collaborate and share knowledge around software projects; and “investigate the intersections of happiness, satisfaction, and personal value” in relation to software development
•   Announced that new data sources are coming to the Windows search bar. Moving forward, company admins will be able to configure new connections to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Microsoft SQL Server, among others, allowing employees to search for more enterprise content directly from their desktops
•   In partnership with Accenture, GitHub, and ThoughtWorks, launched Green Software Foundation, a nonprofit established with the Linux Foundation to build an ecosystem of people, standards, tooling, and practices to reduce carbon emissions caused by software development. The foundation aims to help advance the information and communications technology segments targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2030
Arm unveils client-based processors in its biggest launch to date [VentureBeat]
Arm introduced its family of Arm Total Compute solutions for client computing products, from TVs to energy-efficient laptops. The products include processors and other Armv9 ‘BIG’ core chips. The CPUs include the Arm Cortex-X2 processor, which is 16% faster than Cortex-X1, which were launched last year. Another new chips include Cortex-A710, which offers a 10% performance uplift with a 30% efficiency gain and twice the ML capabilities of the previous generation and the Cortex-A510 is the first “LITTLE” core in four years, with 35% faster performance and a threefold increase in ML. Moreover, to support the ecosystem in a push for performance, all mobile BIG and LITTLE cores will be 64-bit-only by 2023. The company also announced accompanying sub-premium GPUs including Arm Mali-G610, G510 and G130.
Tesla starts phasing out radar sensors in favor of vision-only Autopilot [Engadget, TechCrunch]
Last month Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla would start to remove radar sensors from its production cars. Now, Model 3 and Model Y vehicles built for North America no longer have radar onboard to enable driver assist features like Autopilot and its "Full Self Driving" system. Buyers in North America may receive vehicles with restrictions on the use of Autosteer, Smart Summon and Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance. However, software updates "in the weeks ahead" will re-enable those features. Meanwhile, new Model S and Model X vehicles as well as every model built for markets outside of North America, will continue to be equipped with radar and will have radar-supported Autopilot functionality. Tesla didn’t state when or if it might remove the radar sensor in vehicles built for Chinese and European customers.
Struum launches its ‘ClassPass for streaming’ service to the public [TechCrunch]
Struum, the new streaming service from former Disney and Discovery execs, is officially launching to the public. Unlike traditional on-demand streamers, the Struum model is more akin to a “ClassPass for streaming,” as its plan is to aggregate content from smaller video services then provide access under its own subscription. Each month, Struum customers will pay a $4.99 subscription fee to access the Struum app where they’re then provided with 100 “credits” they can use to sample and consume content,  just as ClassPass did with gym classes. Over time, if the customer continues to use their subscription to routinely access content from one service, they can then opt to become a subscriber to that service from within the Struum app.
Sony is 'strengthening' PlayStation Now as it tries to reach 1 billion people [Engadget]
Sony CEO, Chairman and President Kenichiro Yoshida presented its plans to investors, explaining moves like its recent streaming deals with Disney and Netflix, as well as PS5 shortages. The company goal right now, is to increase the size of the community directly connected to Sony via devices or entertainment from 160 million to 1 billion. In addition, despite semiconductor component shortages, Sony expects that sales this year will exceed the 14.8 million PS4s sold the year after that console launched. Noting a deal with Jade Raymond's new development studio Haven, the company added that it is looking to increase engagement on PlayStation Network, since that is its largest direct-to-consumer platform. Moreover, an upgraded PS VR system for PS5 is on the way, and Sony told investors that Sony AI and SIE are jointly developing AI technologies that can make game experiences even richer and more enjoyable.
Amazon’s ad revenue is now twice as big as Snap, Twitter, Roku and Pinterest combined [CNBC]
Major growth in Amazon’s advertising unit means its revenue contribution is now 2.4 times as large as Snap, Twitter, Roku and Pinterest combined, and it’s growing 1.7 times as quickly, as per data from Loop Capital. Amazon’s “Other” unit, which is primarily made up of advertising but also includes sales related to other service offerings, grew revenue a 77% YoY to more than $6.9 billion in Q1’21. Moreover, industry moves such as Apple’s recent software changes that make it easier for users to block advertisers from tracking them look poised to add more fuel to Amazon’s growth.
WhatsApp sues Indian government over law making private messages 'traceable' [Engadget]
WhatsApp has sued the Indian government over a new internet law that would force it to make users' messages "traceable." The lawsuit seeks to block the enforceability of the rules on the grounds that they're unconstitutional. The law was passed earlier this year, but today was the deadline for social media companies to comply. India is WhatsApp's largest market and parent Facebook rarely takes on governments in court. Hence, the lawsuit marks an unusually aggressive action by the company.
Industry Innovations
JD.com, Meituan and Neolix to test autonomous deliveries on Beijing public roads [TechCrunch]
Beijing has greenlighted JD.com, Meituan and Neolix to trial self-driving delivery vehicles on designated public roads in the Yizhuang Development Area. Yizhuang has aggressively rolled out 5G coverage in part to prepare the infrastructure for autonomous driving ventures. All three companies are using dainty box-on-wheels vehicles similar to those of Nuro to shuffle goods around. hree-year-old Neolix, backed by Chinese EV startup Li Auto, focuses on making self-driving vehicles for retail, surveillance and other city services, while both JD.com and Meituan are focusing on unmanned delivery services. Neolix will place 150 delivery robots on Beijing roads by June, while JD.com declined to disclose its deployment number. However, JD.com added that its technology allows every remote safety driver to monitor up to 50 operating delivery robots simultaneously.
Jaguar I-Pace is Google’s first electric Street View car [TheVerge]
Google and Jaguar Land Rover announced that they have collaborated to rig up an all-electric I-Pace SUV with the equipment required to capture Street View imagery, and deployed the car in Dublin, Ireland. The I-Pace will also collect more general Google Maps data, and it will be outfitted with air quality sensors from Aclima. The vehicle will collect “street-by-street air quality” data in Dublin, measuring nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions, as well as fine particles. Google will make the data available to the Dublin City Council.
Valve is reportedly prototyping a Nintendo Switch-like gaming PC [Engadget]
Valve is reportedly working on an all-in-one PC with gamepad controls. Reports suggest that he device will include an AMD or Intel system-on-a-chip while most likely coming with Linux. At least one prototype is said to be wider than the Nintendo Switch and features the usual assortment of console buttons, triggers, and joysticks. The prototype also includes a touchscreen and a Steam Controller-like touchpad. Moreover, the device will include a USB-C port to allow users to connect it to an external display, like Switch. In addition, it is being reported that Valve has been working on a new hardware project. Since September of last year, the company has added code snippets to Steam referencing something called "Neptune" and "Nepture Optimized Games." On May 25th, the company added additional code linking Neptune to snippets referencing "SteamPal."
Visa takes a swipe in fintech, builds new online marketplace [TechCrunch]
Visa announced that it has expanded its Visa Fintech Partner Connect, a program designed to help financial institutions quickly connect with a “vetted and curated” set of technology providers. The program initially launched in Europe in November of 2020, and now is available in the US, Asia Pacific, Latin American and CEMEA (Central Europe, Middle East and Africa). Visa has worked to identify fintechs that can help banks and financial institutions (that are clients of Visa’s) as well as other fintechs create digital-first experiences, without the cost and complexity of building the back-end technology in-house. So far, the company has identified about 60 partners that offer a range of technologies from back-office functions to new front-end services. Some of the partners include Alloy, Jumio, Argyle, Fidel, FirstSource, TravelBank, Canopy, Hummingbird and Unit21.
Investment and M&A
VW says Lamborghini is not for sale after reported $9.2 billion bid [Reuters]
On May 25th, it was reported that VW received a €7.5 billion ($9.2 billion) offer for Lamborghini. However, VW’s Audi said the supercar brand was not for sale. The report suggested that the non-binding offer sets out terms for the purchase of Automobili Lamborghini by Switzerland's Quantum Group AG, which has formed a consortium with London-based investment firm Centricus Asset Management. The reported offer for Lamborghini comes amid uncertainty over whether VW will keep a sprawling structure that also includes brands such as Ducati, Audi, Porsche and Bugatti. However, the company confirmed that there was agreement in the group that Lamborghini, which has been named repeatedly as a possible divestment candidate in the past, will remain part of VW.
Emotion-detection software startup Affectiva acquired for $73.5 million [TechCrunch]
Smart Eye, the publicly traded Swedish company that supplies driver monitoring systems for a dozen automakers, acquired Affectiva for $73.5 million in a cash-and-stock deal. Affectiva, which spun out of the MIT Media Lab in 2009, has developed software that can detect and understand human emotion, which Smart Eye is keen to combine with its own AI-based eye-tracking technology. Under the terms of the deal, $67.5 million will be paid with 2,354,668 new Smart Eye shares, of which 2,015,626 are to be issued upon closing of the transaction. The remaining 339,042 Smart Eye shares will be issued within two years of closing. About $6 million will be paid in cash once the deal closes in June 2021.
Amazon to buy MGM Studios for $8.45 billion [CNBC]
Amazon will acquire MGM Studios for $8.45 billion, marking its boldest move yet into the entertainment industry and turbocharging its streaming ambitions. The deal is the second-largest acquisition in Amazon’s history, behind its $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods in 2017. Amazon said it hopes to leverage MGM’s storied filmmaking history and wide-ranging catalog of 4,000 films and 17,000 TV shows to help bolster Amazon Studios, its film and TV division.
UK’s Paysend raises $125 million to expand its all-in-one payments platform [TechCrunch]
Paysend raise $125 million at a reported $700 million+ valuation in a Series B funding led by One Peak, with Infravia Growth Capital, Hermès GPE, and previous backer Plug and Play also participating. The company has built a mobile-based payments platform, which currently offers international money transfers, global accounts, and business banking and e-commerce for SMBs. Paysend said that it will be using the funds to continue expanding its business geographically, hire more people, and continue building more fintech products.
Security startup Tessian, which uses AI to fight social engineering, raises $65 million [TechCrunch]
UK-based email security startup Tessian has closed $65 million in Series C funding led by March Capital. Existing investors Accel, Balderton Capital, Latitude and Sequoia Capital also participated, along with new investor Schroder Adveq. The latest financing brings Tessian’s total raised to date to more than $120 million, and values the company at $500 million. The startup applies ML to build individual behavior models for enterprise email use that aims to combat human error by flagging problematic patterns which could signify risky event is happening, such as phishing or data exfiltration. Tessian said that the new funding will go on expanding its platform’s capabilities and on growing its team. The cash will also support a plan to expand beyond email to offer security protections for other interfaces such as messaging, web and collaboration platforms.
EV charger maker Tritium going public in SPAC merger deal [Yahoo Finance]
Tritium has reportedly reached an agreement to go public through a merger with blank-check company Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp. II. Reports suggest that the deal values Tritium at $1.2 billion and transaction is expected to generate proceeds of about $400 million. Moreover, unlike most SPAC mergers, Tritium’s combination with Decarbonization Plus II didn’t include raising a private placement. Australia-based Tritium produces charging software and hardware including electric pumps, deployed at shopping malls to highway rest stops in almost 40 countries, and has supplied networks being rolled out by VW and Ford. It is worth noting that rival ABB said last month that it plans to carve out its EV charging business into a separate legal structure and prepare the unit for a potential listing.
Chinese chipmaker SigmaStar weighs $780 million IPO in Shanghai [Yahoo Finance]
SigmaStar is reportedly seeking to raise at least 5 billion yuan ($780 million) in an IPO in Shanghai, as China expands its semiconductor industry. Reports suggest that the startup is working with advisers toward a share sale on the Nasdaq-style STAR board as soon as this year. The company is targeting a valuation of 30 billion yuan to 50 billion yuan. Founded in 2017, SigmaStar designs chips for security systems, sports cameras, self-driving vehicles, and smart home devices. Chinese semiconductor makers are seeking to capitalize on the government’s push to match the US and become more self-reliant as global chip supply dwindles.


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